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US Fighter Aces

Consignment Autographs

Lee Mankin, USN Fighter Ace with VF-5 (Guadalcanal) and VF-6 (USS Enterprise).
Five confirmed aerial victories, one probable and 3 damaged. Distinguished
Flying Cross with one Gold Star and the Air Medal.

Photo size 4-1/4" tall and 2-1/2" wide.

Price: $20.00

James Seton Gray, ace aboard USS Enterprise (CV-6)

Price: $25.00

Jim Billo, ace with 5 victories. Few with Jimmy Flatley in VF-10 aboard
the USS Enterprise and later with Sam Silber in VF-18 aboard the
USS Bunker Hill (CV-17)

Price: $25.00

James Swett, USMC fighter ace with VMF-221. Swett scored 15- ½ aerial
victories and was awarded the Medal of Honor.

Price: $25.00

Everett Worrell and Alex Strohmeyer, 381st Bomb Group, 532nd Bomb
Squadron. Enlarged color copy of B-17 (named “Patches”) U.S. stamp
(32 cents) on series of famous American aircraft painted by Bill Phillips.
This happens to be the very aircraft that these two gentlemen flew
during WW2. Each has signed in person. Have 2 of these

Price: $20.00

Robert W. Ashenbrener, P-38 Lightning ace in the Pacific with 10 kills.
This is a biosheet.

Price: $25.00

Marine Corps Ace Robert McClurg bio sheet

Price:  $25.00

For more information about these autographs, please send your
questions and email address and we will forward on to the owners
of the respective pieces.

*Assonet Art is not responsible for any lost or damaged pieces sold through this consignment page

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