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Aviation Consignment Prints

Craig Kodera

A Moment's Peace ~ $70

Signed by:
Craig Kodera
Print Size: 16 1/2 x 22

Edition Size: 51/1250  - No Certificate of Authenticity available

Heinz Krebs

Checkmate ~ $1000

Signed by:
Jack Price, Huie Lamb, Harold Barnaby, Herbert Shope, Heinz Krebs
Print Size: 36" x 27"

Edition Size: 750

Star of Africa ~ $275

Signed by:
Colonel Eduard Edu Neumann, General Friedrich Körner,
Lieutenant Colonel Ernst-Wilhelm Reinert, Lieutenant
Helmut Beckmann, Heinz Krebs
Print Size: 24½" x 35"

Print Number: 97/1250

Struck by a Thunderbolt ~ $175

Signed by:
Maj. Rolf Hermichen, Capt. Herbert Kutscha, Capt. Hans Lutter,
Col. Herschel H. Green, Lt.Col. Lewis W. Chick, Maj. Robert M. Barkey,
Heinz Krebs
Print Size: 27" x 36"

Print Number: 304/1250

Graeme Lothian

Caucasus Dawn ~ $185

Signed by:
Gunther Rall, Walter Wolfrum, Franz Woidich, Werner Hohenberg
Print Size: 30" x 18"

Edition Size: 800

Mike Machat


Wie Ein Hoch ~ $93

Print Number: 359/100

William Phillips

Alone No More ~ $220

Signed by:
William Phillips
Print Size: 14 1/4" x 36 1/2"

Print Number: 5/850

Among the Columns of Thor ~ $128

Signed by:Donald J. Straig, Clinton DeWitt Burdick, K. O. Dessert,
and Edwin C. Baker

Print Size: 18" x 30"

Print Number: 250/1000

Stan Stokes

Doolittle Tokyo Raiders ~ $381
       Framed with photo of Doolittle signing print

Signed by:  General Doolittle

Print Size: 20" x 27"

Print Number: 601/750

John Young

Search for the Needle ~ $118 - Framed

Signed by:
Canning, Goerke, Jacobson, Mitchell
Print Size: 32" x 35"

Print Number: 491/750

For more information about these autographs, please send your
questions and email address and we will forward on to the owners
of the respective pieces.

*Assonet Art is not responsible for any lost or damaged pieces sold through this consignment page

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